• Leadership & Coaching Speaker
    Author of "Success Dioxide®" Book

    Coaching for Leaders, Performance Coaching, Leading with Coaching,
    Organizational Coaching Culture, Breathing Coaching

  • Peak Performance Coach, ACC
    The Coach of Coaches

    ICF Coach Training, Empowering Coaches, Building Coaching Skills,
    Igniting Coaching Profession, Global Coaching Practice

  • Intl. Corporate Trainer &
    ATD Facilitator

    Leadership Development Training, Management Skills Training,
    International Certificates Training, Training Effectiveness

  • Author of "Success Dioxide" &
    "Odyssey of Success"

    Insightful Practices, Distilled Knowledge, Straightforward Message,
    Deep Content, Practical Applications, Tools & Strategies

Keynote Speaking

Magdy’s Speaking content is all about specifics not generalities, practicality not theorems, the latest not the outdated. Ahmed is a practitioner is the field, so he basically talks the language of expertise and exposure.

Corporate Training

Magdy is a Master Trainer, who designs and delivers a learner centered programs that ensure true deep learning to occur. We don’t look for Happy Sheets at the end of the program; However, We are deeply focused on learning transfer to the workplace and achieving behavioral results on the ground.

Professional Coaching

The Coach is here for you to find your own answers, liberate your full potential, and maximize your results in every area of your life. Coaching is all about helping people help themselves.

To Achieve, Succeed, and Leave Legacy

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When it comes to Self Help and Business books reading, The challenge
isn't about how many books you read, but how many ideas you apply.
Knowledge is only power when you turn it into Habits, Actions, Routines,
Practices, To Do Lists, Plans, and Manners. This eBook is all about
Applications, Tools, Tips, and Strategies to live a legacy based life filled with
inspiration, commitment, and impact. It's the Extraction of the Extracts.

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